About Us

Our Mission

We believe that when you value others, it paves the way to finding mission and purpose in life. Coeurisma’s mission was born out of the spirit to share simple things with the people we loved, our Mother’s and Father’s in some small way.

Coeurisma is devoted to thinking about what small things we can do help ourselves or others that need us.  We believe that what truly matters in life is the little things.   And what are the little things we can do to help ourselves or someone else succeed.

Our Story

Jenifer Slocum is the founder and Chief Care Officer of Coeurisma, based in St. Petersburg Florida. Prior to Coeurisma, she worked in technology operations and consulting. She served in leadership roles for professional services firms, helping reduce business risks and costs associated with IT. She was also part of the team that delivered leading edge technology solutions for the largest bankruptcy in US history.

But her most challenging role was as caregiver for her Mother and Mother-in-law who both suffered from Alzheimer’s. Believing that honoring others paves the way to finding mission and purpose in life, Jenifer began a new journey. And Coeurisma’s mission was born out of the spirit to honor those in her life that were facing their greatest challenge.

Jenifer is inspired everyday by the courage of those that search to make meaning in their life by simply serving others, often in the face of great adversity. The kind of courage that doesn’t always mean winning, courage that gives us hope to make the most of the life we’ve been given, courage to do the right thing knowing you can’t defeat it, courage that can only come from the heart…..

Our story is really their story.

What’s yours?


Our Name

Coeurisma is inspired from the French word for heart, “Coeur” and the ancient Greek word “Charisma” which refers to powers and qualities not always accessible to the ordinary person.  We all, not just a chosen few, have the power to transform lives when our hearts are filled with compassion and resilience.

Resilience can be increased by positive emotions, social connections and a healthy lifestyle.  Some research has even found that when we help others, we actually feel like someone is helping us.  In fact, this is a sign of resilience.

Coeurisma is a recipe for resilience.  Coeurisma coconut oil may help improve your energy, boost your immune system and produce ketones naturally which are a super fuel for your brain unlike any other food.  Coeurisma is the perfect balance of organic coconut oil and dark chocolate designed to nurture you in the healthiest of ways.  You are not alone and the journey is always a little sweeter with Coeurisma!

French writer, Luc de Clapiers, once wrote, “All grand thoughts come from the heart.”  We hope you are inspired by compassionate thoughts that come from your heart and thrive.

Our Values & Culture

We believe we are all on the same team and want to lead peaceful and happy lives.  We are not alone and know that when we take the time to build connections with others that we can truly experience how it feels when you are focused wanting the best for others.

Be Mindful

We will stay in the moment to the best of our ability knowing that awareness of where we actually are rather than imagining what could be, helps us reduce stress and anxiety.


Have Courage

We strive to stand up for what is right in the face of opposition.  We will actively pursue ways to connect and nurture others though they may not always share our perspective.


Give Compassion

We will never forget that our customers, business partners and community are people first and foremost.  We all have feelings and needs and will work hard to make everyone feels respected and valued.   Simply put, we will always try to put ourselves in the shoes of others.  We face the situation with clear awareness, wisdom, non-judgment and offer relief where we can.


Share Resilience

We will work hard not to put unreasonable pressure and stress on those we work with or on ourselves.  We will look for ways to cultivate positive emotions and more social connections in our corporate and personal lives.

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